Best friend

My Best Friend Raz : I could write a whole novel on all the things I love and admire about them. Raz is one of the most mature people I know, one of the best communicators, most self-contained yet open to heart connection and intimacy, most wild with fecund artistic creativity, most witchy, funny, most thought-provoking and freely and groundedly living outside of any and all forms of mainstream normative strictures or definitions of any type. Raz is has been a BRC ranger for 10 years now and a green-dot for almost as long–which is the Green Berets of front-line mental health and psychedelic harm reduction at BM. The level of groundedness, maturity and healing energy it takes to hold that kind of space blows me away. They are creatively kinky, a sensation Dom, an eco-sexual, a culinary eroticist, a theraputographer, and a maker of ground-breaking erotic edutainment which has been featured at erotic film festivals around the world. They are one of my best and favorite artistic collaborators. They also happen to be one of the top somatic geniuses I’ve ever met, a phenomenal contact improv dancer, an esteemed member of the Bay Area radical bodywork crew, a community-builder, land manager, a silly psychonaut, an inventor of their own very own style of bodywork called SomaSenz. One of the things I feel most fortunate about in life is–in the 4 billion year history of life on Earth–my lifeform happened to have been plopped down in the same time and place as this magical being and to have them in my life.