by Shadows and Curves

Dank Domination short film demonstrating aspects of this work

Sensation Play is My Forte —

With Role Play Along the Way

Let Me Make Your Day 

Take some time out of your day, slow down, and enjoy all the pleasure available to you as I guide you on a journey into your own sensation. 

I am DOM RAZBERRY, a Professional Bodywork Dom specializing in Sensation Play. Far from being an unkind or cruel Dom, I am here to playfully introduce you to the full range of sensations your body can feel.

Your session will begin with the opportunity to choose from a “buffet” of carefully curated sensation implements I will use on you.

For a taste of what the buffet contains, envision : claws, paws, scratchers, spankers, teasers, candles, floggers, feathers, fine fabrics, ropes of many materials, buffers, collars, leashes, crops, electrical toys, Whartenburg wheels, clothespins, essential oils, ice, temperature tools, and various sensory deprivation implements.

There’s warm & cold, aromas so bold.

You will be firmly directed, but never with a scold. 

Will you go to DOM PROM with me ?
by Shadows and Curves

Not to mention my fingernails, hair, palms, soles, elbows, thighs, muscles, bones, curves, teeth, strokes, vibrations, impacts, and sounds — all of these might end up introducing new sensations to you, ever so softly, or ever so intensely (or better yet, both alternating) honing your ability to track what you wish to dive into and what you wish to dial down. You will be encouraged to express eagerly, early, and often, and you can practice vocalizing your preferences in a compassionate container.

I delight in the full range of human touch and sensation–what I call the “sensate palate” of the SomaSenZation Buffet : the textures, temperatures, and tingles that let your animal body revel in the pleasure available to us every day. By exploring the sensate palate deeply in a concentrated session, your capability to sense and expand pleasure throughout your life is increased.  

I have always been attracted to and interested in altered states of consciousness, and in my experience, nothing pops us out of our day-to-day, disembodied, rational minds, and into a more present, focused, and intuitive  animalistic awareness than bringing ourselves back to our senses. 

I want everyone to sense as deeply as I can, because life is exquisite from this capability and perspective, shifting into a frame as if the world were designed to produce pleasure for you. 

Let’s become wild, free, and playful creatures together! 


DOM RAZBERRY’s Background

My exploration in BDSM bloomed when I moved to the Bay Area in 2013. I attended rope jams, play parties, workshops, conferences–any place where all the nerdy kinksters got together to share knowledge, and I soaked it all up. Among the manifold experiences, I gravitated towards and deeply explored impact play, heavy bondage, pet play, body handling, role play, suspension, and a lot lot lot of sensation play.

Sensation play to me means opening a container in which I am very focused on tracking what particular stimuli and types of touch feel like in my & my play partner’s bodies. I am extremely somatically sensitive, with a high cultivation of empathetic mirror neurons, which means that I exquisitely experience any sensations I am witnessing (or even aurally being told the tales of). I also have a high degree of “compersion”- receiving delight from your delight. In detail, I experientially project into my own body what the things I’m doing to you feel like in your body (especially if you allow yourself to express!) -and thus we can more deeply meld in the same experience together. 

I have gone deep into both experiential and academic research of how to create deep states of somatic surrender in the body. Through studies of contact improvisation (a postmodern dance form), and many years of exploring a multitude of bodywork modalities, I have created my own synthesis of therapeutic touch that I will employ–to your great pleasure–in our sessions.  

Outside of my work as a Pro Dom, I have developed a career as a psychedelic and sexual risk reduction trainer, high responsibility safety lead, and facilitator at festivals up and down the West Coast. Through this work, I have been present caretaking people at the highest & lowest extremes of the human psyche (from post-verbal frightened animal / infant all the way to all is one ego death), and have calmly, patiently, & compassionately guided them back to safety & wholeness. The ideal ‘out in the wild’ training for our inner wilderness work exploring together! 


I welcome you to my somatic sanctuary if you simply want to experience pleasure, fun, relaxation, and learning. 

However, my passion is particularly piqued in working with you if are seeking deeper emotional self-exploration & healing. 

As someone with a background in counseling psychology, I’m interested in helping people understand where feelings come from, especially when it comes to desires, kinks, or fetishes. 

I am part of a small subset of people who both went to a very rigorous graduate-level point in studies of psychology & trauma-release, while also being willing to apply these skills within the sphere of kink & BDSM. I deeply track & train in trauma-informed work because of my own personal healing journey in settling traumas through somatic methodologies. 

In my studies of how we return to wholeness after trauma, I have learned that working with the body is essential. For some people, talk therapy is enough to allow for functioning, but in my own experience, we often keep repeating negative patterns even though we cognitively understand them {this coming from someone who went to graduate school to meta analyze their own mind}. At heart, trauma is stored in the body, and only through the body can we rewrite the physical and emotional patterns. 

While I am clear that I am not your psychotherapist and this is not psychotherapy, I do believe that kink & BDSM can still have tremendous therapeutic benefits. That is what kink has been for me: an unfathomably deep gift of experiential self-knowledge that has helped me heal in a way no other modality has. 

In our sessions, you will feel listened to, understood, respected, cared for, intimate, and vulnerable. I am here to be your erotic ally, helping you hone, discover and understand your desires, where they come from, and how you can discover dilated delight in your daily life.

I aim to create a space where you have permission to drop into exploring yourself with physical & emotional guidance & support. A witness to the wild, an erotic guardian angel presence who is attentive & available to assist you with your exploration & personal growth via increasing sensitivity. 

In my own experiential and academic research, I’ve discovered how breathing, vibration, pressure, and impact play effect the autonomic nervous system (ANS). In most people, the autonomic nervous system operates unconsciously, and by learning how to precisely access and modify its state of arousal (or vigilance), we can go into deep states of relaxation & trance where we can write new narratives for the stories that no longer serve and promote new patterns in our lives.

Utilizing my weight, leverage, torque, twisting, & my sizable strength, we create deep states of surrender in you that activate the parasympathetic nervous system. The science behind this is in the parallels between birth and being a responsive human gravity blanket, with the warm body weight mimicking the soothing surrounding swaddled pressure of the womb & early states of emerging from the canal. This pressured presence methodology is at the heart of my Bodywork Domming and is a direct body hack into a relaxed ‘rest & digest’ parasympathetic state.

Through stress, restriction over our natural need for movement variety, and our over-sedentary default modern lifestyle, most people are so wired, tight, and closed to pleasurable sensation that their body becomes addicted to alteration to one of the few socially sanctioned highs – the neuro-cocktail of fight-or-flight hormones. If this is the case for you, there is no other way of getting you into a state of complete submission then acting directly on your body and physically communicating that you are safe to surrender. Thus, together, we decompress your mind by compressing your body.  

As you very well may have experienced, volumes of words can always accumulate attempting to describe the genius of body language, which with greater simplicity, speaks so much more. The genius of my methodology is in compassionate corporeal communication, and I cannot wait to share my healing gifts with you, if you so desire.


Have a goal you want to achieve in 2020? Want to write that novel or finish that music album? Achieve a new level of career success? Get in shape? Put yourself out there in the world more creatively? 

Through a custom-tailored program of “funishments” {fun punishments} – I delight in providing you the “carrot” to achieve your dreams. Or the stick, if the stick is in fact a delightful motivator! 

This is one of the few cases in which I will engage in psychological edgeplay and be a bully accountabili-buddy. I can be bratty when it helps you be your best.


Let’s get our silly sides out! I’m a clown at heart, interested in the humor, absurdity, and transient beauty of the fleeting moments that make up this lifetime. I gravitate towards role play that gives you more freedom & levity around a situation that might otherwise seem heavy & burdensome to you in your life. Let’s give you some perspective on ‘drama trauma’ by lightening it up & making fun together! 

I revel in pet play in which we cavort as different types of animals together. Primal play honors our innate humanimal {= human + animal} nature and removes our modern overemphasis on processing via the prefrontal cortex, instead bringing the brain’s focus back into our limbic system {which governs instinctual emotions & drives}. This pause from prefrontal cortex puzzling & pondering results in relaxation because the portions of the brain that become trapped in rumination or over-mentation anxiety are not/as active. Thus, the bandwidth of the brain can be redirected into profound physical presence in the present moment. The present of presence via physicality.

Thus, we can inhabit a space of imaginative intuition together, and return to the wonder and divine delight accessible when we surrender into savoring every second of somatic rapture.


Why is my name DOM RAZBERRY ?

The answer rests in a tactile transmission that can only be conveyed in person.

Accordingly, I require you to bring a small basket of fresh organic berries (your choice) as a tribute at the start of each session. They will be used creatively & deliciously for you!

You will refer to me only as DOM RAZBERRY, DOMINUS RAZBERRY, DOMINA RAZBERRY, and if you earn the right, DOM RAZ.



In order to fully enter an experience, our sessions are a minimum of 2 hours. I have found that anything shorter does not go as deep as I want to take you, nor as deep as you will want to go with me. 


I provide outcalls only, to your home, Air BnB, or to a nice hotel. I am based in the South Bay, and I offer outcalls within San Jose, Mountain View, and Palo Alto at no extra travel fee. Outcalls to other parts of the Bay Area & Santa Cruz are available for an extra reasonable travel fee, to be discussed. 

I occasionally have same-day availability, but to be sure you get the time & availability you want, pre-booking is recommended. 

Because I am taking time to travel to you, I do require a deposit to confirm your appointment, to be paid via one of two common payment platforms specified when we speak. 


Screening is required, and non-negotiable. You can screen in any one of these 5 ways:

1. A social media profile with a photo, at least 222 connections, 7 of whom can connect with me via that platform & give good character references

2. A photo of a government-issued ID

3. The emails & websites of three of your current/past intimate partners or family members who can give good character references

4. An email from an active, public work email address, and another co-workers email & social media who can give a reference

5.  Wild Card : Your Choice – Suggest a Methodology, Humor encouraged {veto power reserved}


Please send an email to

Please include:

  1. Your name
  2. Your screening information
  3. The time you would like your session, and its duration (ideally please list several ‘time windows’ & dates)
  4. The address of your preferred location. Alternatively, name your region and I will choose a space.
  5. Why you would like a session with me. What would you like to experience or learn?
  6. Your phone number. We must talk on the phone briefly before our session because I want to get to know you prior to physically meeting and make sure we’re a good match.
  7. If there are certain times that are best to reach you on phone, or that I should not call between, let me know. 
  8. What type of organic berries you will be bringing as your offering.
  9. What question do you wish I would have asked {include answer}
  10. Wild Card – Your Choice – Remember : I Reward Expression

Please do not deviate from providing this information, you deviant ! I need all of this information to book with you, and will not confirm our appointment without it. 

**Any lewd or sexually explicit language or questions in email or on the phone will lead to immediate deletion & blocking**

I look forward to beginning our journey together!