I wrote this poem to the beloved who listened, matching my pace, and helped me trust men after losing my virginity to non-consensual penetration.


owning my unfolding


beholding –

tenderly thrust walls fall into bridges,

fondly fondling frolicking fractal ridges

trembling tendrils tactile amplifier

tantalizing tips condensing dewdrops of desire

permissive presence : pernicious past’s purifier

shedding shadow, newborn trust sole apt attire


seeping in scintillating blushing

musing oozing, giddy gushing

voluptuous voltage coursing, rushing,

melting molten muscles flushing


begging brushing

tender –

of yawning yearning pleasure portal petal mender

open offering to rapture render,

splendor in surrender


contender –


wild with want : aching shaking potentiation

smoldering emboldening : elation in anticipation

broadening bandwidth splaying sensation

turbulence transforming, teasingly tucking tessellation

tickling tongue teasing texture : navigation in dedication to intoxication

evoking excitation at expectation of excavation

promiscuous proboscis provoking perspiration

nectar collector savoring searing syrup – salubrious libation

imbibing inspiration – inebriation in spiritualization

syncopation of stimulation – sensitization reverberation

salivation urging splurging of surplus hydration

exalted exhalation : elicitation of emancipation

invocation :

liberation in lubrication – summoning sanctification in sea of salvation

transubstantiation : materialization of supplication

illumination pouring into porousness, percolating pleasure, regeneration

flowing holy, holey hurt made whole in cooperation

ministration of adoration – demonstration of transformational veneration

restoration of celebration

channeling creation in elation

inspiring relational revelation


unification –

embodied enrobing : skin kin enveloped in compassion

perched on penetrating pillar of passion

fulfilled fullness, boundless, no need for ration

regretless receptive vessel : ravenous cavern refashioned


dear –

tactile temple – primeval cathedral made aware

of physicality as prayer

perpetually perceptually altered – novel possibilities appear

ascension into attention extension – floating on air

Relishing roaming rapturous realms bestowing care

Sloughing uncertainly, judgement, and fear

through eros erosion : carving capacity, flow for pleasure clear,

rejoicing in choice of paradise, perpetually near

holding heaven harmony everywhere

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